The McNitt-Lanning Team Denise McNitt Lanning

Denise McNitt-Lanning

I am proud to be the mother of two children! My oldest son is my partner on The McNitt-Lanning Team, and my youngest son is a student at Westhill High School. My husband, Kevin, is the owner of Western Lights, Plank Road, and Lyncourt Bottle Returns. We have two dogs who enjoy their walks through the neighborhood and belly rubs from all. In my previous banking career, I loved helping my clients and still do today! I enjoy cooking, reading, music, being outdoors, and just about anything involving my children and family.

I am happy to serve as a Board of Director for the Prevention Network. The agency provides several different programs for youth/teens including Teen Institute, Youth Development, Youth Gambling, Underage Drinking Prevention, TIPS Alcohol Server Training, Victim Impact Panel, and Impaired Driver Program.