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Home Inspections

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When purchasing a home, buyers have the ability to make their offer contingent upon a home inspection from a certified home inspector (cannot just be someone the person knows). We always highly recommend home inspections to all of our clients, as the inspections can uncover any issues with the home, that are often very costly to repair. If a home inspection is desired, once the initial offer is accepted, the buyer should schedule a home inspection with the inspector of their choosing, as there is typically only a small time frame to have the inspection completed.

What to Expect:

  • An inspection normally takes 2-3 hours depending on the size of the home.
  • The buyer is welcome to attend the full inspection, or just come for the final hour to get a summary of what the inspector found.
  • The inspector will go through and assess the safety and structural integrity of all areas of the home, and highlight any possible concerns.
  • The inspector will examine most major appliances and mechanicals (such as furnace, AC, Water Heater), test their functionality if possible, and highlight any concerns.
  • The inspector will examine the outside of the home including any exterior structures, the driveway, and the grounds (such as any fencing, slope of land, etc.)
  • After the inspection is completed, the inspector will provide the buyer with a digital copy of a comprehensive report outlining the inspector’s findings and recommendations in full detail.

The Inspection Report, and what it means for you:

  • The report is a detailed outline of the current condition of all aspects of the home.
  • The report will highlight and explain any causes of concern.
  • The report will make recommendations for future updates and maintenance (such as replace furnace soon, replace siding, correct the grade of the ground surrounding the home)
  • Based on the findings outlined in the report, the buyer and their agent can then use the report to negotiate any necessary updates or repairs.


  • For information on Radon, Check out our page about Radon
  • The cost of the home inspection is paid by the buyer immediately following completion of the inspection, not at closing.
  • A house cannot pass or fail an inspection, it is just an assessment of the current condition of the home.
  • The inspection report can be a tool used for negotiation, but it is NOT a list of repairs that the seller is required to make.
  • Inspectors cannot disclose any information about the inspection without consent from their client.